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The cost of living in Tampa, Florida is 22% lower than in Miami, the most famous city in the state. Your living standard will depend on your earnings, of course. Our data is based on objective costs.

Here is a breakdown of the costs:

  • Housing is 22% cheaper in Tampa.
  • Clothes are 7% more expensive in Miami.
  • Food is 18% cheaper in Tampa.
  • People in Tampa spend 23% less to sustain the same level of personal hygiene and care.
  • Entertainment costs a whopping 21% less in Tampa, and there’s still plenty to see and do.
  • Transportation is 27% more costly in Miami.

In total, the cost of living is 22% higher in Miami. This comparison is based on consistent data, more specifically 2,631 prices. The data was entered by 466 different people.

Pros and Cons of Living in Tampa


Tampa is a very up and coming place to be. There’s a great blend of traditional franchises and indie places. Rent is relatively affordable.


It’s hard to find a job as a professional in Tampa, but word is this is starting to change.

Tampa is a very big city, so it can be problematic to get around.

Pros and Cons of Living in Miami


It’s easy to make a living here as a business professional. You’ll never wonder what to do because there is always an event happening somewhere. If culture is your thing, there’s a wealth of it here. Miami is a remarkably multicultural place.


Very touristy – can get very crowded. It is expensive to rent here and even more expensive to buy a property. Traffic can be horrendous!

Our Final Say

Miami and not New York is the city that never sleeps. There’s never a shortage of interesting people to meet. However, Tampa is a better choice for settling down.