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A lot of people have written that there should actually be two lists – one of pros and cons written by people before they moved to Florida and another of pros and cons after moving. To be fair, Florida can capture the imagination like nothing else. But are you in for a disappointment? Read on to see.

Pros: Golf, Beaches, Weather

Florida seems to have billions of golf courses and beaches. There will be no more snow for you to shovel in winter, and you can swim all year round. It’s warm and sunny all the time…right? Then, there are the theme parks. Disney is here, Universal Studios is here…what’s not here? Income tax. That’s right. There is no income tax in Florida. That’s one less tax return to file.

Florida has beautiful palm trees, a sight for sore eyes. And you can grow oranges right in your own yard!

Cons: Prices, Crowds, Weather

Once you’ve lived in FL for a while, you might start to feel like it’s a bit too warm. All the time. What’s worse, the humidity is through the roof. If you come from the North, you might start missing the cool breeze that you used to loathe.  

The weather can ruin the beach and the golf experience. In the hottest months, the water in the pool is only by a few degrees cooler than the air temperature. In these months, humidity is almost 100%.

Everything seems more expensive in Florida than anywhere else. Fees on everything are higher because there’s no income tax. Fewer services are available, and lines are always longer than in other states.

Tourists are starting to ruin the amusement park experience for you and your kids. There are such huge crowds everywhere it’s unbelievable. It seems there’s a tourist on every square inch of FL.